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Hi, im starting to create my own profiles, and im having issues to add a Mailbox. (even reading the forum with old verison guides)


I go to the NPC tab on the Profile creator, i select Mailbox, i name it Mailbox (Case sensitive) but what then ? press ENTER ? i know its a really noob question, but ewnter does not work, is there an "ADD" button somewhere that im missing ? it simply do not add the mailbox on the list

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Hello, yes just click on the button "Add ..."


Actually the ADD button is the BORDER where you fill the name of the NPC, Urgs, terrible layout. Well, it worked for a vender i might be doing something wrong for the mail, btw do i have to target it w/o open it ? how do i do that ?



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For add mailbox, put the Name of the mailbox in "Name" (on the button) (generally the name of mailbox is "Mailbox") and click on the button "Add target to Npc list".
For your second problem in general settings advanced try to activate option "Use lua to move".
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