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Frost Mage lvl 87 Jade Forest Grinder


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Hi I'm using Frost Mage setup 5.4, mage just using the frostbomb on the begining of the fight then just autoatack :o so how to make this bot playing spells ?


LOG       http://d01.megashares.com/index.php?d01=xHPAobS


I just want simple ( frost bomb, ice barrier , frostbolt )  I've seen on the log ..


[F] 06:51:49 - Cast Conjure Mana Gem (Conjure Mana Gem)  - I don't need that how to remove this crap and just set up like I said before just keep simple.

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You can remove spell with fightclass creator ("Create fightclass" tab "Tools", load your fightclass, select spell and click on "Remove spell" button, (don't forget to save edited fightclass)).
You can also contact the person who created this fightclass to explain your problem.
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