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Interface action failed because of an addon

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Hi, I have in my profile (quester) some steps that involve lua macros, they work very good, but one of them is /reload and it gives me the yellow message that the action was blocked by an add on. I kinda spot which addon is that makes me unable to >RunLuaMacro "/reload", what should I do? Also if I type in game /reload it works perfectly so I really don't know why manually works and with wrobot it's blocked..how to deal with this? Any help?

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I noticed this problem with other macros, now I don't know what is "allowed" and what not, and which addon causes the problems, but my best solution was instead of using the step "RunLuaMacro" and type "/run bla bla bla", I use "RunLuaCode" and i type directly there "bla bla bla". The "Lua.LuaDoString" is a valid option but for long macro full of " " signs it can be tricky (If I remember correctly you need to change every " with a ' )

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