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Stop WRobot from managing InFight Movement


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Hey all, 

I've been working on a very customized fightclass with lots of custom movement and stuff... Long story short, all my code functions perfect when testing in WRotation with 'Manage Character Movement' off, but has weird quirks when using it with Quester (due to WRobot attempting to manage fight movement)... I've since explored ways of 'pausing' a fight (which semi-works), but it just causes other little quirks. Anyway,  I just saw that Fight.FightStart() has a parameter to control whether or not the bot manages movement in fight. I had the idea to trigger my own FightStart (with no movement management) on OnFightStart, but that causes a loop. Any ideas how I could basically 'replace' the default FightStart with my own with the proper params?

Thanks a lot.

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Hello, try code like (run it one time):

        var lastUnit = new WoWUnit(0);
        wManager.Events.FightEvents.OnFightStart += delegate (WoWUnit unit, CancelEventArgs cancelable)
            if (unit != null && unit.IsValid && lastUnit != null && lastUnit.IsValid && !unit.Guid.Equals(lastUnit.Guid))
                lastUnit = new WoWUnit(unit.GetBaseAddress);
                // StartFight(Int128 guid, bool skipIfPlayerAttackedButNotByTheTarget = true, bool managerMovement = true, bool stopIfPlayerTargetChange = false, bool rotationBot = false)
                Fight.StartFight(unit.Guid, false, false, true, true);
                cancelable.Cancel = true;

(not tested)

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