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Questing profiles

I know of good vanilla questing profiles  

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  1. 1. Im currently running good (H) questing profiles on Vanilla WoW

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So, ive been checking around the forums for a DECENT HORDE question profile. And all i can find is (i mean no disrespect to the ones who made em) but not fully working ones, you need to babysit them ALOT, might aswell play the game yourself. 

My question is, have i missed something, or is it that simply that no one yet just havent actually released something good enough? Im not shy to pay, grinding profiles work, but questing could be alot faster, if there were any good profiles out there. 

Thanks in advance.

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8 hours ago, razzathepro said:

They is good paid ones. I use Eenys it is really good.

Yeah alliance that is. I was wondering about horde mate, i even capslocked it ^^

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