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[Vanilla] Request: Plugin that disables Fight Class for 5 seconds after combat.


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Hey, I'll start off with that I don't know how to script, only modify already existing ones.
What would make my day is a plugin, I don't know if it's simple to make, but I think a lot of people could benefit from it.


What do I request?
A Plugin that disables Fight Class for 5 seconds after combat.

Why would I need it?
When combat ends, my fightclass uses abilities, however this interrupts looting and skinning sometimes but most of all it looks suspicious.

I believe such a plugin could be valuable for a wide range of classes, at least what I try to do when I bot is to get as little attention as possible.
A plugin such as this, would greatly improve that.

Kind regards, Zeeb. ?

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Limping along liquid's necromancy...
This is a problem I've had, too. I wanted to use my .xml fight class to heal after combat, but as OP mentions, anything it does after combat screws up looting and definitely looks like a bot. Pausing for a couple seconds to make sure loot/skin is done properly before moving on would be great. 

A plugin would be nice, but I also think this is something Driodz should look into, doesn't appear to be working as intended.

Some have said it works fine if you write your fight class in C+, but that's a real heavy lift for a lot of us that like this product because it's user-friendly without having a lot of coding knowledge. User-friendly, that is, until something like this pops up.

somewhat related, I'm also looking for a way to get my bot running on Party (following the leader) to loot in combat. 1 is set do all the killing and no loot, 1 is set to heal & loot, but when the main pulls, the healer stops looting, then after combat, runs around and tries to loot what was left behind, but then turns around again and chases the main. This looks ridiculous (obvious bot behavior) and also paths through more mobs and gets killed. I'll post this as a separate thread (after doing a little more digging for an existing fix), but figured it might be able to be covered by fixes to the OP's problem.


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