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  1. Sorry about my delay! The problem was solved. Now the bot alerts about more instances! Thanks Droidz and sorry about my inconvinience!
  2. Awful support!! All of u dont reply my posts. I already use this bot for several months and i contributed for the community with profiles and now that i need help all of you dont talk anything!! AWFUL SUPPORT!
  3. I use the bot with another pc and the error is the same. I suspected my count was hacked. Could the adms do something? Please modify my serial.???
  4. Please someone can help me? I can't even bot for 15 min without a crash...
  5. Yes Droidz, i'm sure i didn't launched the bot many times, and e don't have an antivirus and my firewall already have wrobot in the exceptions. There is possible that someone hacked my license? can u change my license serial? Any idea? Thanks for the support.
  6. I cleaned my log folder before start the bot again. here is the final code from log file: <font color="Red">[E] 22:07:46 - Connection error, close bot, you have probably launched 2 times bot with same license key.<br> </font><br><font color="Red">[E] 22:07:46 - System.Char[]<br> </font><br><font color="Black">22:07:46 - Stop Grinder Complete</font><br><font color="Red">[E] 22:07:46 - Error injection<br> </font><br><font color="Black">22:07:47 - Stop Grinder Complete</font><br><fo
  7. O erro continua. E ainda por cima ele fecha o bot do nada depois de um tempo que as vezes é 1 min ou ate 1 hora. Isso tudo foi depois da atualização do patch novo. Alguma luz?
  8. Hello guys, i have an error when a choose the product then click on start button. I was using the bot normally then it crashed. After that error the bot starts the job and after 1 or 2 minutes stops. Anys sugestions?? I already used ccleaner to clean de temp folder, anti-spyware, restart the computer and have no changes. My pc is portuguese language and the error says: unexpected char.
  9. Wowww man!! Very very nice spot!! 3.2kk per hour unrested!! thanks
  10. As the post. I don't know if it's possible.
  11. Version 5.2


    I created a lot of grinder profiles because i don't like to lvling anymore, so there is my solution. lvl 10 until 35. I used this to my enhancement shammy and worked very well. I will upload my enchancement shaman as soon i get a high lvl. i hope you enjoy.
  12. The yeti profile bugs when the char dies because the spirit can't reach the body. He try so many times until the bot stop to work because has so many blocks.
  13. Man can you upload a fight classe with pet ability inside? It wasn't work! thanks for the patience!
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