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  1. Version 1.0.0


    A basic Whip Tail profile, 185 LPH <loot per hour> With few ore spots, As well as Volatile Life. Ran 5 hours on High top no stuck, No issues for me , Sky Golem for best LPH ~ On my high pop realm on school mats sell very well since people need for Tresure Finding Potions a stack on my realm is roughly 850g/stk, Any issues ill adjust ,GL and Happy Farming^______^
  2. yeah yeah i did that , only way to use / update it, but i was looking for a solution not a bandage
  3. windows 10 reporting a false positive virus detected , Any fixes?
  4. I made a gathering profile and attemped to post it for the community and all boxes were grayed out , Any ideas or did i not read somthing in "news" ? is community posting disabled?
  5. Got today, Used for about 8 hours so far tested a little of everything, Few bugs but not rly many , Feeling pretty safe with this product n and enjoy it so far , Great community Thank for making it!
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