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  1. Hi, Trying to run v7.3.5 with wrobot today I thought it was working ok yesterday but trying today the bot wont start. My log file looks like this: [D] 18:58:55.139 - [Info] Log file created: 20 Oct 2018 18H58 - PzESC.log.html[D] 18:58:55.093 - [Info] WRobot Version: 2.2.2 (30086) for wow: 7.3.5_26972[D] 18:58:55.139 - [Info] Offical website: https://wrobot.eu/[D] 18:58:55.139 - [Info] Operating System Details: Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0[D] 18:58:55.239 - [Info] Lang: English (United Kingdom)[E] 18:58:58.485 - [Hook] Cannot found AfterCallAdresse.[D] 18:58:58.675 - [Blacklist] Added, 0 uniques Npcs, 6 Blackspots and 0 Npcs types (Training dummy ignored = True).18:58:59.577 - [Memory] Select game process: 7600 - Hig...[E] 18:59:02.542 - [Hook] Cannot found AfterCallAdresse.18:59:02.846 - [Memory] Select game process: 7600 - Hig...[E] 19:00:23.669 - [Hook] Cannot found AfterCallAdresse.19:00:23.971 - [Memory] Select game process: 7600 - Hig...[E] 19:00:36.358 - [Hook] Cannot found AfterCallAdresse.19:00:36.660 - [Memory] Select game process: 7600 - Hig...[E] 19:00:41.769 - [Hook] Cannot found AfterCallAdresse.19:00:42.071 - [Memory] Select game process: 7600 - Hig...
  2. Perhaps slightly off topic but still relevant; I was wondering about admin manual detection, in that GMs will teleport and watch you to see if your a bot. But are they invisible and whether they are or not, does the wrobot map detect them with a yellow blip like other players?
  3. I was just looking at that plugin too, will give it a try! ☺️ I'll take heed of that advice, as I levelling some new chars atm.. so far so good, but I'm being extra careful. Cheers!
  4. So it seems then the vulnerability is being able to spot a bot from a normal player. Why not add in some random timers to wrobot that can be adjusted to make it look more human? e.g random 2-5 second pause before looting, after looting, between spells, more realistic movements etc I notice there are a couple of options like this in wrobot but perhaps not enough.
  5. Ok that's interesting, I managed to get to level 20 without a ban. Before I got banned though I had a group invite which I declined, then about 10-15 minutes later I was disconnected. So could likely of been reported rather than the system detecting.
  6. Just got banned again, no on-screen warning this time, no whisper or message, simply got disconnected with perma ban about 5 minutes ago.
  7. Hi guys, I had two accounts banned this month. The first one I opened last month, managed to get a bunch of alts to lvl 60+ and one at lvl 77 then got a perm ban for botting, I was botting hard doing mining, grinding and skinning, and I had multiple alts doing the same, I would randomly login when they were rested. I wasn't being careful at all! The ban came when I was AFK but I had an admin whisper me, I didn't reply and a few minutes before I was disconnected with a ban. So I started another account, got to level 30 then banned, that was this thursday. I noticed something odd happened before I got banned, I had an addon warning/crash in the middle of the session but there was no actual warning, just a blank error box, but it had stopped the bot fight rotation, even though it would still move and chase enemies, it couldn't attack. So I tried relogging to disable some addons and the same thing happened, had a addon crash/ empty warning box upon logging in and my rotation mysteriously stopped working, a few moments later I started getting red warnings in the WoW chat saying I was using 3rd party software (It came up like 8-10 times) then I got disconnected. I logged into warmane account and I had been banned for just 15 minutes. I was tired and went to bed, checked the next day and I was permanently banned! Everything has been on the same IP so far but I'm looking at setting up some VPNs next. I am running a 3rd account now purely to see how far I can get before I get banned and streaming privately to youtube, so I'll share the results if/when I get banned next. 😉 Just to note I'm a senior player and suffer with RSI in my joints so my only option to enjoy WoW is with a bot, because I physically can't click the mouse and keyboard over and over as it hurts after 10 minutes! Personally I think bots should be legal, I just see it as just an advanced way of playing the game. The game is basically forcing us to click the press buttons thousands of times over and over. Not cool man.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Basic rotation that mostly spams lightning bolt and keeps other buffs/debuffs active. Will attempt to heal when health below 40%. It doesn't try to use totems (yet). Works well enough for grinding.
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