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  1. will there be an update Wrobot, currently wrobot detected on server Tauri-wow
  2. Please update bot for tauri-wow 5.4.8, presently Anti cheat sees bot's
  3. I confirm Anti cheat sees Wrobot , i launch WRobot No Edit Memory Clients Warmane,WOW Freakz , maximum work bot 5-7 minutes and BAN
  4. Used from April 10 to 20 May there were no blocks,today is the first block
  5. The relogger reconnection after discconect and gets to a window of the choice of the worlds after that doesn't try to come into the game world."Sorry my Enlgish" ,my settings.I have a little increased time in settings, but haven't helped
  6. I have a problem , I use a boat party and characters for some reason , do not drink . Drink only the main character , and symbols , which I use , they do not drink party boat.Sorry my English
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