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  1. I have also seen this happening quite a lot. This usually happens when targeted pet is moving. I think those moving Pets are anyway messing up with things since they are not being blacklisted properly when unable to reach/initiate battle with them.
  2. Hi, It seems that in some circumstances pets which belong to Flying class stops fighting. I have noticed this when 2 of my pets are dead and only flying one is left.
  3. Hi, Does anyone know if there's a way for interacting with pet collection? What I would like to achieve is to have pet have swapping from collection when certain level range have been achieved for current pet/'s. I'm currently writing custom battle profile to get pet swapping when below health % and other nice things which are missing by default :)
  4. Just as an update disabling Real Time shield from Webroot fixed the fps issue.Now its running as it should :)
  5. Hi, That would sound logical but i dont have Kasperky installed. I currently have webroot installed on one of them and Windows Defender on second one. I didnt have these issues before. Everything worked like a charm before and after Legion launch. Only thing what basically changed with this regular botting pc is that i reinstalled Windows. What i noticed on this slower machine that when its running compat routine fps actually increases.
  6. Hi, For some reason my fps is dropping from around 100 to 30 when i start running the bot on one Computer. (powerfull one) On second Computer which i used for botting game becomes "unplayable" even for bot. (less powerfull one. About 4 months ago) Both of them are running latest version of wrobot and are running Win10 with nvidia gfx cards. Is there some quick fixes for this because i would like to run wrobot on this less powerfull one because i need my main Computer for other things sometimes
  7. Hi, I have some issues renewing subscription and i was thinking whats the right place to ask about this. I already send message through Contact Us link from down below. Thanks in advance.
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