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  1. Well, I think we now know why Blizz has been going so hard on HB bans. Apparently WoW Tokens now give BNET balance for the US. It was stealth patched this morning. Expect Blizz to crack down harder on botters for sure. If you are EU, stock up on tokens quick before they skyrocket.
  2. Are there any mail bots?

    If you are still asking about auto-opening all mail, seriously go look at mail based addons. They are fair play in Blizzard's eyes.
  3. Idk if it helps, but I have seen this behavior once before when I was maxing out resources on a laptop. Have you monitored resource usage while it was happening? You might get a clue there.
  4. Nagrand - Khorium



    Nagrand Gatherer – Outlands Hey WR, I’ve been annoyed with how hard it is to get Khorium ore. If your realm is anything like mine (no Khorium on the AH) then you might appreciate this. When there is Khorium on the AH it goes for about 350g – 400g/u on my server. It’s a safe gatherer that hits many of the hotspots all over Nagrand. I let the bot run for about 8 hours and monitored every now and then, I never saw anyone around near me. Don't expect huge numbers as Nagrand seems to not have many node spawns as it is. Even though Khorium veins are pretty rare, after an 8 hour session I got about: Khorium Ore x60 Primal Fire x16 Primal Earth x80 Adamantite Ore x600 Fel Iron Ore x600 Eternium Ore x160 Tons of Gems -- Not crazy numbers, but much preferred over manually farming these rare veins... The starting location of the bot is at the entrance of Zangarmarsh. My pathing is similar to the map seen on wowhead. It usually sticks to the edges of the map, near the mountains where there are more node spawns. If you run into issues, try disabling farm indoor nodes. Disable gather herbs as well since they are all pretty low value and not worth the time. Flying mounts are a must. Helps if you are a higher level. Let me know what you think. Thanks
  5. Seu's Ore Gatherer

    I am able to fly around in Pandaria so I guess so. I'm using a boosted character, looks like the only thing I can buy is master flying from the vendor in Valley of the Four Winds. I checked my spellbook and it says I have the Pandaria flying passive. It considers each mount attempt as a stuck as well so since I have auto-close on stucks enabled, it closes the game. **Edit** Disregard, I typo'd something, I'm stupid. Profile works great.
  6. Seu's Ore Gatherer

    Can anyone think of a reason why the bot would just continually fail to mount when using this profile? I have my default mounts selected and I don't have this issue with other profiles. If I manually mount, the profile looks for its path and gathers as expected. 23:48:45 - [Mount] Mounting fly mount Swift Purple Wind Rider 23:48:46 - [Mount] Mounting failed [D] 23:48:46 - [StuckResolver] Flying mode. [D] 23:48:48 - [StuckResolver] done. 23:48:48 - [Mount] Mounting fly mount Swift Purple Wind Rider 23:48:49 - [Mount] Mounting failed [D] 23:48:49 - [StuckResolver] Flying mode. [D] 23:48:54 - [StuckResolver] done.
  7. When buying 'farming' accounts...

    RIP man. That sucks. Buying accounts seems so risky even if the seller is reputable. Even if they don't recall a sold account, theres no doubt that some risky activity could have happened before you were sold the account. Who knows how many people reported the account you could be buying.