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  1. Hi! I'm trying to pick specific dungeons with a plugin I'm making and I've found these two Lua commands but I can't get either to work. SetLFGDungeonEnabled and SetLFGDungeon which I found from several wow api sites and also from Druidz list of 3.3.5 lua list. From what I've gathered SetLFGDungeon takes 1 parameter, SetLFGDungeon(dungID) and SetLFGDungeonEnabled(dungID, enabled) Getting what the dungeon ID has been abit of a problem but by using GetLFGDungeonInfo(ID) i've found the heroic and normal versions of some dungeons I want to queue for. The problem is that I just can't get either of SetLFGDungeonEnabled or SetLFGDungeon to change any checkboxes in the specific dungeon tab. Any advice or pointers where to look? I could do a UI clicker to manually click the checkbox but I rather use the Lua commands that is available. Thanks!
  2. There is a fightclass I would like to open and see how he handles party aggro, how would I go on about opening this file?
  3. I fixed this problem by adding Logging.Write("Channel = " + ((int)msg.Channel) + " (message: " + msg.Msg + ")"); just above var msg = chat.ReadMsg(); in the party chat .cs script and I read in the log what ID the channel had. I found that the party leader had channel 51 insted of normal party which was 2. This could be different in any privaate server so do this check if party leader does not work
  4. That sounds like a good plan, but how and where would you use this piece of code? I know how to send lua snippets of code by the lucamacro commands in quester but where would you use this big piece of code? Make a plugin for it? Can the plugins talk to the quester profile? by changing as you writing "start_quest_1" or is that the profiles it will start?
  5. Hi I'm using Party Chat commands which reads party chat and does lua/c++ commands accordingly, this is very usefull for when im running my 5 man bot group but I've got a problem where it can only read chat from party members and not the party leader. This is the code where it reads the chat while (chat.ActuelRead != Channel.GetMsgActuelInWow && Products.IsStarted) { var msg = chat.ReadMsg(); if (!string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(msg.Msg) && ((int)msg.Channel == 49 || msg.Channel == ChatTypeId.PARTY)) { foreach (var c in PartyChatCommandSettings.CurrentSetting.Commands) { if (c.IsValid() && string.Equals(c.CommandChat.Trim(), msg.Msg.Trim(), StringComparison.CurrentCultureIgnoreCase)) { c.Run(); break; } } } } If i change leader then the leader won't be able to litsen to the commands anymore. I need my bots being able to litsen to the leader because that's where I have all the logic for queuing and joining dungeons. Thanks in advance!
  6. I've managed to queue and join a dungeon with my entire party but once I get in i can find what dungeon it is by return (wManager.Wow.Helpers.Usefuls.ContinentId == (int)wManager.Wow.Enums.ContinentId.GruulsLair); I believe but how would I go on about starting a specific quest depending on what dungeon it was?? Also I tried open some plugin with source files but I just get error on wMananger, does it need to be compiled or should I add some library first? Finding no info on how to make plugins
  7. Thank you! I kinda managed to auto accept it by running party command chat plugin to my other 4 characters, but this looks more reliable. But it brings me to a problem I stumbled upon, how do I search for random dungeon or specific dungeon in the first place as the leader? If I want to keep queuing dungeons after I'm finished with one.
  8. Hi I'm currently leveling 5 druids to level 80 on a 3.3.5 server. I'm running 1 feral tank, 3 feral dps and 1 resto druid. I'm mostly running grinder on my tank and then party on the other 4 druids which is working really good. I've done a few dungeons with them and that works really good aswell, but then I manually have to controll the druid tank. My goal with this team was to be able to run dungeon/quester profiles on my main druid and then have the 4 druids assist him. Running the dungeons manually on the main character works fine so I surviving is not an issue, problem is for example, searching and also joining the dungeon. I've setup the team so that I can use party chat to send commands to the other bots for example "Drink" and all the bots start drinking. Looking at the party bot it does not have many options so it looks like all the logics will have to be done within the main character so for example if it's going to search dungeon the main character searches for dungeon and it then send a party command "Pick Role" and all druids pick a role and when it detetects queue pop(which will be instant becuase of 5 characters) it will send party command "Accept Dungeon". This feel doable with some LUA perhaps? Help me with this one if it's even possible. The problem I then face is how does it know which dungeon profile to run, I can create dungeon profile for all the dungeons within the random dungeon finder BUT it needs to detect which one it is and then run quester profile accordingly. Is there anyway todo this? Any help is greatly apprecuited! I have not touched any LUA except some basic commands in fight classes and I've never even looked at c++ code. So if c++ or lua is needed some great pointers where to look for guidance would be great! Thank you!
  9. Hi is it possible to make the bot walk backwards , because im doing farm runs on my druid and the mobs hit really hard but im almost dodge capped on this prviate server, is it possible to make it do the entire run backwards? Iknow it uses click to move so maybe its impossible? Thanks!
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