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  1. So any news on the future of Wrobot yet?
  2. 1000% would be useful! I am a customer for sure if you can add 2 way communication. Look forward to seeing if you're able to add it.
  3. Is whisper notifications 2 way, or only receive? I would be interested in answering some whispers while away via Pushbullet if possible. Thx
  4. It never does complete them, it's hours and hours of trying. It uses the crystals that heal the dragons for 1 second, stops, uses crystals, stops, on and on forever, until you stop the bot and do it manually. Same with eye of killrog quest as feral. Just sits there forever saying that you can do the eye in shapeshift form. You have to do this quest manually too. Bot will never finish either one. I have not tried the updated version you just released, just clarifying since you seemed to misunderstand what I meant.
  5. I can confirm that this is not fixed yet, even with the Nov 14 update. I just did this zone last week, and there were the same 2 stuck points that happen every time I quest through with this profile. This one mentioned when trying to heal the dragons, and the quest that you need to use the Eye of Kilrogg and scout out certain areas. The second issue is because I only level feral druids(using your fight class btw), and it just sits there and spams that it can't use the eye in shapeshift form, sitting in cat form.
  6. Figured it out. Having remember my account name checked bugged it out, it adds the dropdown box to select the wow account instead of the popup box after logging in. This really should work both ways though.
  7. I have 2 accounts on the same Bnet, WoW1 and WoW2. The relogger won't select WoW2 account when logging in, it always logs into WoW1 account, even though I have it set to log into wow2 account in the settings. This is a copy of my settings in the relogger. https://gyazo.com/ff19928b76903d277ed51dec00d10426
  8. Turning off "use lua to move" seems to have stopped this from happening.
  9. Adding an option to "Restart gathering if nothing gathered in X minutes" would completely fix this problem. When it gets stuck in the loop, stopping the bot and restarting lets the bot continue.
  10. Any plans on releasing these as a bundle, rather than separately?
  11. I just tried to use the bot again today, hoping that this has been resolved, on a completely different toon, and it is still happening. It starts within an hour of starting the bot, so very little gathering is actually done.
  12. Not true, . Also, that doesn't help me any. What do you recommend I do? The bot is not usable in the way that I purchased it for, so I can't even get my moneys worth from it unfortunately.
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