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    There is only before and after botting with HMP, and I don't even want to think about what before was like. Irons out pretty much all the annoying stuff that would bother you before, now all you gotta do is spend 20 seconds in the settings of this plugin before you start, and it's all smooth sailing from here baby.
    Night and day compared to the default battlegrounder, calling out incs by itself makes it look way less "botty". And are you ready for this? It actually participates in objectives! It basically works the way you'd want a BG bot to work, so if you're annoyed with the default one, get this one.
    Recently used this fight class exclusively from 1-70, worked like a charm all the way. Super efficient, not wasting mana by overkilling. Weaves wanding into the rotation properly, which is probably the biggest part of leveling a priest. Nothing but praise!
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