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  1. their EU GM "correct" wakes up at 7am and checks every lvler without you being reported, because the server is so small and gummy attracts THE most autistic GMs by far, and the TBC client is probably the worst for looking natural while botting because it forces CTM and doesnt calculate paths as well, so far ive had 5 accounts banned before getting past lvl20, the last 2 got caught within 10minutes of eachother, despite being in different zones + different IP and having definitely not been reported (bot had never engaged near another player), he doesnt teleport you either, just insta perma ban after seeing you for 5minutes. I've never been banned once on any other server and i've botted on many.
  2. TRUELY AFK... this bot tries to run you through burning steppes at lvl11.... this bot has you ending up in westfall at lvl5 death chaining..........
  3. Elysium and Anathema, also happening on Kronos.
  4. Deleted cache and removed addon folder / any unnecessary files, still have the same problem. Recreated twice in a row just now, also on 2 computers.
  5. Basically what the title says, my wow client completely crashes when buying spells, both manually and via automation... im using a Quest profile and a paid rogue fightclass.
  6. turned out to be related to fight class, im not sure what exactly
  7. my bot keeps running in circles around mobs after engaging in melee combat, doesnt happen every time but its 100% obvious that its a bot. I then have to disengage the bot as well as move my character manually to stop it running in a circle on the spot.
  8. ronald

    Unwanted Dismounting Bug

    hi thanks for the fast response! unfortunately this doesn't seem to have affected the problem, ive tried both narrowing the range and expanding it, my latency is currently 28ms~. I've tried 20-80 , 20-150, 100-200, 5-28 and more, but the issue stays the same. It's not happening every single time he mounts its a bit random however, but always when I hit play it replicates 100% of the time, and a lot of the time after killing mobs he mounts up > runs 5yds~ > dismounts > mounts up > runs 20yds~ > dismounts. Theres a definite issue of hitting the mount button at the wrong times which isn't connected to lag going on. Also when this does happen, its always after hes reached his click-to-move icon on the ground as if its being calculated as the next action in the chain. As you can see on the log example, he starts by mounting succesfully > running for 4seconds > then dismounting. This is whats causing the main problems. If hes mounted when I hit play, his first action is to immediately dismount, this doesn't happen on my other characters they simply start running. Additionally, my other 2 characters are still running for hours on end with 0 unwanted dismounts, min + max latency still being at the default of 150-500. With an ingame latency of 25-30ms.
  9. I have an extremely disruptive issue, only on one of my characters however... every time he needs to mount he goes through this process, he: mounts up > dismounts > runs 10-30yds > mounts up again > continues as normal, and I see "Can't use that yet"x3 error message in game as if hes spamming the mount button. I've tried changing the mount distance number but It seems to do nothing. This is happening on every Product I try it on so its not related to product settings, nor is it specific to the FightClass. I've also gone through every single advanced setting on General tab to make sure its all the same as my character which is currently working fine, but to no avail. This makes it very obvious that I'm using a bot and is stopping me using my ground mount with all Products, effectively making him useless. Heres example log: 04:50:01 - [Gatherer] Loaded 04:50:05 - [FightClass] No Fight Class selected 04:50:05 - [Gatherer] Started 04:50:05 - [Mount] Mounting ground mount Horn of the Timber Wolf 04:50:09 - [Mount] Dismount 04:50:09 - [Mount] Mounting ground mount Horn of the Timber Wolf 04:50:10 - [Mount] Mounting ground mount Horn of the Timber Wolf 04:50:23 - [Fight] Player Attacked by Ravasaur (lvl 49) 04:50:25 - [Gatherer] Stopped 04:50:25 - Session statistics: Elapsed time: 00h:00m:18s
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