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    penumbra got a reaction from Matenia in Bot on the way to flightmaster?   
    I'm having problems with my script that it should stop executing when the bot is on it's way to a flight mater (preferably when it is close to it)
    I've noticed that the log produces a "11:35:55.664 - [FlightMaster] Try to take taxi at <location>" but I am unsure if i can use something like the below to see if the bot is in a "seek out flightmaster"-state
    robotManager.Helpful.Logging.Status == "Regeneration" Does anyone know, or is there some documentation regarding the functions that I can call to understand where the bot is going and the purpose?
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    penumbra reacted to Matenia in Nearby Totem?   
    It's not a game object, it's an NPC.
    So check WoWUnits. If you wanna confirm it's yours, try unit.IsMyPet or unit.SummonedBy == ObjectManager.Me.Guid
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    penumbra got a reaction from Avvi in Totown state?   
    Thank you both!
    Avvi I have purchased your plugin, seems to do the trick
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