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  1. I still get circling with HMP off, but much less than before. I think it's the smartpull feature of HMP that does it
  2. I looked at your log, note that you are running 7.3.5 64bit for a plug-in made for 1.12-3.3.5, I think this may be problem author will have to comment if it works for 7.3.5 anyway
  3. Thanks!!! Will test next week and report back with results
    Runs incredibly, highly recommended, also considering how much is included it’s good value Have done two tests in Elwynn with no issues. Will report back as bot progress out of starting zones Very active developer, hopefully 40-60 comes soon, as the big important finale!
  4. Should be easy tell for me is to watch the bot swimming, if it stutters something is wrong, if 60hz then swimming is amooth
  5. Click Ctrl+R in game to see FPS, if it’s always 60 then yes, else set it in Nvidia panel also
  6. Seems there is a big bug that the plugin is incompatible with custom move patterns from questing profiles :/ since it breakd questing and does they previosily described botting behaviour when gathering, it is in 1.0.5b only for grinding - hopefully something you want to fix, still an amazing plugin!
  7. The three settings in top must be off, then I’m using all 12,10,6 on sliders I find going above 6 sometimes make bot stutter walk
  8. Again, really great plugin. Small bug regarding farming on Vanilla. If bot is moving to a node, and is aggrod on the way. The bot will stutter on the way to the node before turning around to fight, it also throws this error. It's fixed by turning off gathering Go(List<Point> points): System.InvalidOperationException: sequence contains no elements at System.Linq.Enumerable.Last[TSource](IEnumerable`1 source) at Tram.MovementEventsOnOnMovementPulse(List`1 points, CancelEventArgs cancelable) at wManager.Events.MovementEvents.MovementCancelableHandler.Invoke(List`1 points, CancelEventArgs cancelable) at wManager.Events.MovementEvents.BaqasoXeqajinio(List`1 umamiatiXaunisani) at wManager.Wow.Helpers.MovementManager.Go(List`1 points, Boolean stopMoveTo) Other note: It seems that 1.0.5b changelog was uploaded on to the 1.0.3b version? Is it correct to download 1.0.5b? In 1.0.5b only smooth movement work for vanilla right?
  9. This is an incredible plugin, absolutely amazing. 10 outta 10. This is a must have 1.0.0 and 1.0.0b works for Vanilla despite warnings. untested if 1.0.3b works Would it be possible to increase the settings for even smoother curves?
  10. Hello, I'm having problems with my script that it should stop executing when the bot is on it's way to a flight mater (preferably when it is close to it) I've noticed that the log produces a "11:35:55.664 - [FlightMaster] Try to take taxi at <location>" but I am unsure if i can use something like the below to see if the bot is in a "seek out flightmaster"-state robotManager.Helpful.Logging.Status == "Regeneration" Does anyone know, or is there some documentation regarding the functions that I can call to understand where the bot is going and the purpose? Thanks!
  11. Hi Eeny! Thanks for replying Great suggestion, and actaully what I am doing atm. I was hoping there was a better solution though :) Best regards
  12. Hello robot wizards! I am trying to improve my healer fightclass by understanding which classes are in the party The below should work in theory, but I cannot get it to work. Anyone have done a similar function before? Thanks in advance! private bool _Partyclass_Druid; public void UpdatePartyComposition() { _Partyclass_Druid = false; var partyMembers = Party.GetPartyGUIDHomeAndInstance(); if (partyMembers.Any()) { foreach (Int128 u in partyMembers) { if (u.WowClass = "Druid") { _Partyclass_Druid = true; } // Repeat for other clases } } }
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