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    I was trying to make my own grinders and my character kept dying or getting banned. So I went ahead and got this grinder because my uncle was telling me it was worth it. And boy is it. Northdale is a ruff server to bot on but if you get this grinder it's so much better. I Got my druid 1-60 With it and let me just say I was afk 99% of the time. Also, I Was a noob and put something wrong while setting it up. I messaged Bambo And he instantly Messaged me back. He is super Kind And just A really Good person. He instantly helped me solve the problem. he will help you with everything which makes t
  1. It's not Luck My uncle Who was botting 6 accounts On Northdale Was Going through the same thing you were going through Bambo. SO he made 6 more accounts then it happened to him at level 10 so he quit ND. I botted my druid 1-60 but that was completely by itself. Maby Northdale Detects 2 CLients open on the same IP? I don't know honestly... crazy shit those faggots gm
  2. I keep getting this error when I try to start the bot for questing. Please help if you know anything.
  3. Shae

    Error Cs0246

    I cant start botting because I get this error message. Does anyone have any clue on what I might be doing wrong
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