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  1. Soshius

    [FREE] Weapon Upgrade Plugin

    Should be fixed
  2. Soshius

    [FREE] Weapon Upgrade Plugin

    Can you try the new version ?
  3. Soshius

    [FREE] Weapon Upgrade Plugin

    I will try to do something
  4. Version 1.1.1


    This plug-in allow you to specify which upgrade the bot should apply on your weapon by using Plug-in Settings. The bot will then check if you are not in combat or dead and if you don't already have a buff on your weapon, and then it will apply the specified upgrade like Sharpening Stone. Only tested on Wow Vanilla Serveur 1.12.1 This plug-in is based on @Skalikas Fishing Lure plug-in with few adjustments. Of course you will need to have the necessary upgrade item in your inventory. Bot will scan your inventory to check and apply the upgrade