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  1. Well to post an update from me, I'm just confused, I have no idea what is going on. As I mentioned before, I'm running 2 machines on different routers currently. On one router 1 character got banned on northdale EVER, on the other router every single character except the very first one got banned(and I stopped botting with that before the very first time I got hit with a banwave). The wrobot config is exactly the same on both machines, same profiles, fight classes, settings(so I doubt wrobot is detected or they are detecting the patterns of profiles). Curiously on the router on that everything got banned, I switched what server I run the bots on, fresh windows install, completely different hardware ids for the machine, just the router stayed the same. -> Still got hit with a wave within the first day. Really if this wouldn't be happening to me I'd probably not even believe the people in this thread, but this is just bizarre. I mean 2 identically configured machines on different routers, on one router 29 out of 30 bots get banned, on the other router 1 out of 30 gets banned.
  2. milkme

    Error #132 with relogger

    As it already says in the main post, slimdx is already installed as I found the thread you posted in the search. I removed and reinstalled it once again but still the same issue.
  3. Good day, my problem is that if I try to use the relogger my WoW crashes and I get error #132 (http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/World_of_Warcraft_(WoW)_Error_132), this however happens at the launch of wrobot, not the game itself. I already reinstalled directx, netframework, slimdx, visual c++ 2010 and tried to delete the temporary folders and all that jazz. If I manually start the game and the bot with the NO DX version, then everything works flawlessly, however it seems I can't start that version through relogger, I tried putting -nodx as an additional bot arg but to no avail. Is there a way to force relogger to use the -nodx shortcut or anything like that?Really there is no issue ever with the -nodx shortcut. I'll copy the contents of the logfile here as the logfile is on a differnet machine: [D] 13:48:09 - [Info] Log file created: 18 Jul 2018 13H48.log.html [D] 13:48:09 - [Info] WRobot Version: 2.1.0 (28874) for wow: 1.12.1_5875 [D] 13:48:09 - [Info] Offical website: https://wrobot.eu/ [D] 13:48:09 - [Info] Operating System Details: Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 [D] 13:48:09 - [Info] Lang: Deutsch (Deutschland) [D] 13:48:09 - -nolockframe arg activated. [D] 13:48:09 - -nodx arg activated. 13:48:11 - [Memory] Select game process: 1700 - Ple... [D] 13:48:17 - [Blacklist] Added, 0 uniques Npcs, 0 Blackspots and 0 Npcs types (Training dummy ignored = True). [E] 13:48:26 - System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception (0x80004005): Ungültiges Fensterhandle [E] 13:48:31 - System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception (0x80004005): Ungültiges Fensterhandle [E] 13:48:40 - System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception (0x80004005): Ungültiges Fensterhandle "Ungültiges Fensterhandle" would mean something like invalid window handle. Thanks.
  4. "Have anyone tried to bot multiple accounts on 2 seperate pc with different IP and proxies ( I belive some of you have more than 1 router at home )?" Yes, I had multiple machines running on different routers, different proxies. On my main machine I had 6 bots running, they got wavebanned 3 times each time different proxies, however 1 character survived the very first wave because I stopped botting with it shortly before the wave, so it wasn't flagged. The other machine had 8 bots running and they all survived. I believe one banwave was caused by proxycap actually crashing and me not noticing as at some point I think it wasn't on, maybe I even fucked something up myself, but that was before the banwaves so my memory on that isn't so clear. As long as proxycap is running the proxies can go down no problem, it won't let you log in because the proxycap rule still tries to send you through the proxy, but if proxycap itself is down then there are no rules active unless you somehow block the respective wow.exe's through other means. If it was anything other than this extremely weird pattern, multiple of my batches created through different IPs, different browsers, different e-mail providers, different name/password patterns being banned exactly at the same time every time, even if one was lvl 6 and the other lvl 14, if it really would be anything else, I would just blame reports and GMs manually catching me. The only other theory I have right now is that my first waveban was me fucking up somehow or proxycap crashing and at the same time GMs decided to go hard on starting/early areas, maybe checking obvious points that maybe I shouldn't mention here and then flagging accounts but waiting deliberately to teleport and ban all at the same time then taunting us to make us think that they have a way to connect the accounts, but what really happens is just that they catch all our bots manually because as we remake them they just have to look at the starting areas and re-flag them. The bots on my other machines however wouldn't have been touched by me fucking up/proxycap crashing and they wouldn't be in the areas that the GMs are focusing on, creating the illusion that they got my machine fingerprinted. Then they stopped that at some point and now that we only run 2 and are fine we think it has something to do with them having a way to connect the accounts. So overall just bad timing. That theory however would not explain people being banned for multiboxing rather than botting(unless the GMs do that deliberately aswell)or people still being wavebanned right now even when people like Ordush never got hit by a wave.
  5. @Bambo @tonycali If the theory is correct and they can tell that you are running multiple accounts from the same PC and then ban you once you hit a certain threshold, then it would be interesting to see if you can stay below the threshhold on multiple PCs connected to the same router. Aka can they tell you are running x accounts from the same machine or the same router(I suppose Matenias idea with the VMs would work aswell). Furthermore if I'd have the time right now I'd stop my 2 bots I have been running without being banned for a while now(similiar to your pattern)and start running 5 bots from lvl 1 and see if all 5 get hit simultaniously again. While it is suspicious that we all get hit by wavebans in the same manner and now that we stop running more than 3 bots we are all fine, all we have right now is correlations, they possibly simply aren't doing/can't do what they did to ban us all anymore and we'd be fine running 20 bots again.
  6. Well they didn't leave me any survivor. Blizzards Warden used to scan window/process names and hash them then compare the hashes, but that was on what?Windows XP?I don't know if those old methods still work. As I understand it if they wanted to run their own custom made warden module they'd have to give you a custom client too? Anything can be a fingerprint if it's hashed, as long as the input data is variable enough for there to be no false positives, but I don't know what else the old warden can scan if they can even use that. Maybe they are just manually catching all the accounts, then wave-ban them and taunt us to make us think they have a link between accounts(in the GM room there is an NPC called "We see more than you think" and the GM says stuff like "Oh you are running a lot of bots").
  7. @Itsalex I was talking about maybe the browser being able to see it but I mean that's not even the same layer, doesn't mean they can't identify your browser fingerprint but Matenia already talked about that. And yeh the client as discussed is just any old wow client not their specific one. Throws me back to square one.
  8. Bambo, if you say your theory is broken do you mean the theory that they get your device fingerprint through the browser at account creation? If yes then how was that theory broken? I suppose they could get your hardware ID through the browser, turning off cookies or using an icognito browser won't help much there, a MAC spoof however would. I have the same issue btw, accounts are getting wave-banned, all bots get teleported to the gm island and banned at the exact same time, so either they flag all the bots manually and ban them in waves or they actually have a link between accounts.
  9. I don´t have any addons at all and I haven´t touched the latency at all
  10. I´ve had this mailing issue for a very long time I´m running the same settings on all my 10 toons, however. only 1 or maybe 2 of them actually mail, how come? It´s starting to get pretty annoying as Ive reinstalled wrobot, ran it with all different possible settings, yet. Same problem As I said, its super odd, cus it does work on 1 maybe 2 of the characters, but not on all of them
  11. Hi. So I´ve been trying out the Mailing feature, however. I´m having issues trying to mail, the bot simply doesn´t do it. I´ve tried reinstalling the Bot multiple times, ran it with default configs, but it just simply wont do anything Thoughts?
  12. Has this issue been going on for a while? or is this just happening now?
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