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  1. Any idea if your VPN's detected by maxminds high-risk/fraud/anonymizer detection? Try with residential IP if you can acquire one.
  2. Been trying to get banned on LH for some time now (with some success 😁), I can safely say that on Lights hope is not detected by warden, or the -bphook works. I haven't renamed my .exe for this round of bans, was going to try it when I actually get banned next time. I am at this point, pretty confident that these bans are on LH are based on reports, GM's being more active or they have figured out some pattern that they can scan from their DB. I'm strictly questing, and from that perspective, my character looks pretty legit, no extra mob grinding - just the questing part. I've been keeping the thread below updated on my findings and good guesses.
  3. Updating this - 3 weeks mark will be reached 2 days, account still not banned for some reason.. Can we have a bit more information: What product did you use if not questing profile/grinding, automation? Or did you turn on the bot just at the character selection screen? Anything you could think of why players would report you?
  4. This was what happened to me on LH on the very first ban as well, but not on the second.
  5. Just updating the status of this experiment, 2 weeks of 24/7 botting, still no ban on LH.
  6. I don't think it's detected either, or the -bphook flag works. One week of nearly 24/7 botting again ( ~22h/day is my realistic estimate ) - and I am pretty sure I was reported for being stuck in OG for hours. (Wrobot can't path to the building that this npc is at https://vanilla-twinhead.twinstar.cz/?npc=9317 @Droidz) Will keep you guys posted, I don't expect this account to last much longer, but we'll see.
  7. Not sure if that would help, I think they would get wise pretty fast. Started new account, this time -bphook from the very beginning. I'll report back in a week!
  8. Sadly, I was too distracted to catch what the name was, or what class he was on, just the level. 🙁
  9. Well just banned again after a good solid week of botting 😁. I saw a level 13 character run past me just as I got banned in a higher level area where he shouldn't be, so I'm pretty certain this was a manual ban. Botted 3 characters (tauren, undead and a troll) with 100% questing only, bot was up almost 24h/day ( ~i'd say averaging at 23h). Time to roll on ally and see how it goes there!
  10. the -bphook causes some random crashes to the wow client, not very frequently. Logs don't have any indication on why this happens, wrobot seems to crash before the wow.exe, or it at least throws the crash error before wow's crash dump pops up.
  11. Got banned 2 days ago on lightshope and re-created new account, been botting on that new account northdale for almost 48h now, just turned on that no edit memory, How fast do these bans normally come on lightshope-northdale guys? - Edit: Also, could you guys post what area you had been botting/what kind of bots (grinding, gathering, questing?) on before the ban happened?
  12. zzz

    Pathing is completly broken

    Does the pathing for some reason prioritze walkable coordinates based on Z coordinate being relatively-extremely high or low compared to most of the path? This path has only very slight detour (not really even a problem or something I would complain about), but it for some reason really wanted to go up that little mountain. Most (if not all?) of the detouring paths I have seen have had one thing common: either relatively-extreme drop or increase in Z coordinates. Droidz, could this be it? relatively-extreme change in Z coordinates compared to other waypoints on the wrobot generated paths?
  13. zzz

    Pathing is completly broken

    I'll just throw these in here. Ignore the mess, there just was a lot of mobs hotspotted in this quester, the random detour through the sea just shouldn't exist, no hotspots are there, yet it still wants to go there. More detours that shouldn't exist
  14. zzz

    Pathing is completly broken

    I am sorry if I seem rude, that is not my intention. this pathing problem is just frustrating to everyone. thank you for the thousand needles fix, that solves the specific issue. Good work! But, it is non satisfactory solution in general related to this issue. Or am I not understanding this offmesh thing? I understood that all these offmeshed are hand crafted, is this something automated? if it is manual thing, it is not a solution.
  15. zzz

    Pathing is completly broken

    I'm hoping other people would pitch in on this issue, otherwise this will stagnate on me trying to convince you that the pathing is broken and that making offmeshes is not the solution. Its great that you made that for the specific 1k needles case, but why is it not already part of the meshes, the clipheight is static number afterall and recast/detours supports this (maxclimbheight). ^ This could also work if you loaded the fence doodads in recast and applied the clipheight to those! But that would be just a nice-to-have-feature, the unstuck can handle fences right now just OK, so not saying more about that! The creator of recast/detour has also helped other people fix the stupid detours that wrobot is facing: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/recastnavigation/vDrxqlUl1B4/zIY72aHxXK8J (this looks exactly like some of the paths wrobot does, wrobot just takes much longer detours) How can we help you make the paths actually not do stupid things Droidz? Is this a math problem? Triangle extraction problem? Please, we all just want the pathing to work, share the problem, we will help.
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