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  1. I think the bot "thinks" you are flying thats why he doesnt cast any spell at all. Have the issue but as soon as you start the fight with saurfang it goes back to normal (warmane and another server experience)
  2. Can you show me one example use of that function please? Or a simple fight class (in Fight Class Editor, since I dont know much about wow api, lua etc) with it, and I will figure it out
  3. Hello there, im new here. Beforehand sorry if this post is in the wrong forum. I've been doing some fight classes for feral druids, fury, prot and arms warriors. I just use the Fight Class Editor tool and it is pretty neat and complete, im just wondering if theres any way to know how much a spell/ability cost(mana, energy, rage)? Im doing some advanced stuff like situationally use heals and dispells as a druid and stance dance with warriors. Mostly need it for my feral fight class, for example: If im in combat (cat form) and my hp is below 40%, it uses Regrowth and changes back
  4. Another question out of context here, sorry but: can you add one more thing? Like add "Energy" in the "regeneration" status/bar (wait energy to reach certain pointbefore engaging another mob). Also, im new here in the forums but im using paid license since last month and I already mastered 3 fight classes. The only bug I encountered is "addons are experiencing some gui interaction blockage" or something like that, even with all addons disabled, but that just may be my fight class with some lua stuff. Thanks for reading, please dont delete my post lol
  5. Hello? Serious issue here. The bot doesnt recognize your mana bar in Bear Form and keeps drinking and not using spells even with full mana.
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