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Hello there, im new here.

Beforehand sorry if this post is in the wrong forum.

I've been doing some fight classes for feral druids, fury, prot and arms warriors. I just use the Fight Class Editor tool and it is pretty neat and complete, im just wondering if theres any way to know how much a spell/ability cost(mana, energy, rage)? Im doing some advanced stuff like situationally use heals and dispells as a druid and stance dance with warriors. Mostly need it for my feral fight class, for example:

If im in combat (cat form) and my hp is below 40%, it uses Regrowth and changes back to Cat form. The thing is sometimes it doesnt have the necesary mana to switch back to cat form. The things is, I use mana conditionals: if (cost of Regrowth + cost of Cat form)>Current mana, (I put these values manually) but these values scales with lvl(Cat form cost) and spell/ability range n.(or the warrior spells with cost reduction talents)

Theres any way to know spell costs?

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WoWAPI supports this:

For older versions of WoW:

name, rank, icon, castTime, minRange, maxRange 
= GetSpellInfo(spellId or spellName or spellLink)

For newer:

costs = GetSpellPowerCost("spellName" or spellID)


I would try the latter in debugger first for simplicity- then fall back to the old API if necessary

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Can you show me one example use of that function please? Or a simple fight class (in Fight Class Editor, since I dont know much about wow api, lua etc) with it, and I will figure it out

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