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  1. need to check this one, work incorrectly, 3.3.5
  2. Hello, from time to time my relogger crashes or going in not responding mode forever, I want to make relauncher.exe for relogger but I dont know how to check when program is not responding. If it's not difficult for you, can you share a code to check for an unresponsive process? @Droidz or guys who know it I would be very grateful, it will save me a lot of time spent looking for a solution and save me a little nerves because I'm very bad at programming.
  3. Hi, it is very necessary to debug, to important events in the log of my plugins and profiles are not mixed with the standard ones. Could you please add this? I would be incredibly grateful. Something like this:
  4. Hi! I dont know, what that means support 1 per path... maybe i'm dumb or have too low iq, ah, dont care. Really need 2 connections for this lift, up and down, object id 190118, for some reason it is impossible to force the bot to use offmesh connections, it generates weird straight paths across the rock ... new Vector3(1695.941, -5839.131, 11.99734) // character wait/leave pos at bottom new Vector3(1688.42, -5831.752, 12.07372) // pos to enter lift at bottom new Vector3(1680.11, -5824.42, -72.76543) // lift stop pos bottom new Vector3(1680.11, -5824.42, 161.673)) // l
  5. [Server] [Path-Finding] Not found usable Off-mesh connection. Why? I added it!
  6. Lol, when I added this offmesh connection at first time it worked super fine, but now bot just IGNORE IT completely. Now I am literally tearing the hair out of my head and trying to understand why the bot ignores this offmesh.................... @Droidz please dont ignore, I'm going crazy
  7. Thanks, have already found Droidz's post with the barrens elevator Made by this sample, put in plugin and it works. private void InitializeOffmeshes() { List<PathFinder.OffMeshConnection> Doodad_VR_Elevator_Lift02_FJORD = new List<PathFinder.OffMeshConnection> { new PathFinder.OffMeshConnection(new List<Vector3> { new Vector3(1596.064, -5748.844, 255.9307), new Vector3(1677.591, -5822.056, 248.18), // elevator waiting point at the top new Vector3(1688.42, -583
  8. Hi. I want to make this but can't find sample, this damn lift in the howling fjord ruins everything... /sigh
  9. Fix: fight conditions (not fight class, because I dont sure the fight class is checking traceline)
  10. Hi @Droidz, have a question and suggestion. Why, by default, fight class conditions are checking TraceLineGo for ground textures between the bot's position and target's position but doesnt check another types of LOS, considering that you added this as HitTestLOS? For example game objects, I've have noticed that LOS check for this works pretty well. But there is a little measurement error: it returns true when the line between bot's position and target's position is "on the edge" of object model but the bot and the target can attack each other. I recorded a video for some clarity and und
  11. Hello, if it is not difficult, add this feature please. I would like to add some random to start and end farm time, something like this: Thank you very much in advance.
  12. Hi, I want to use the same quest in different profiles, for example fly to dalaran (follow path type) quest, I know this can be done via custom script but I don't understand a little how to use it (in quest editor), need a little help, thanks in advance.
  13. Hi, @Droidz can you add this? It is damn annoying to add new "none" fields and move them to the required place by clicking/holding enter key on the up ▲ button or adding them in xml via text redactor, please and thank you.
  14. 3.3.5а recently checked and the code worked, now returns nothing
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