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  1. been having some trouble with druid, over 24 hours played, still level 11. where can we chat?
  2. tdel

    Northdale Bans - Detection?

    I have seen how they are deteting it, they turn mobs info friendly and bot goes crazy following it, been happening a lot
  3. tdel

    Northdale Bans - Detection?

    Same message, What is happening is randomly, your mob will turn into friendly, and the bot will get confused, his happened since very low level and it kept happening here and there and I though it was a bug. When my toon got banned the toon I was attacking turned friendly and started running around and bot when crazy keeping up spining to front face the mob. Was using Micam's 1-60 horde, human master, and a paid 1-60 shaman class fighter
  4. tdel


    ok ty
  5. tdel


    Keeps spaming this error on wow. ERROR: Interface\FrameXML\MoneyFrame.lua:185: attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'money' (a nil value)