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  • MoneyFrame.lua

    • Version: All Product: WRobot General Type: Bug Status: Not a Bug

    Keeps spaming this error on wow.
    ERROR: Interface\FrameXML\MoneyFrame.lua:185: attempt to perform arithmetic on local 'money' (a nil value)

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    On 11/4/2018 at 5:12 PM, shaded said:

    I'm seeing the same. Can you switch the tags, or are plugin bugs not tracked here?

    I'm thinking it's maybe weird caching from Addons hanging around... maybe?

    I was poking at Dev tools and saw the below (if this helps). Note that GetMoney doesn't seem to be shown below when I did a ctrl+f on the output.


    InvSlots = System.Collections.Generic.List`1[System.UInt64]
    IsMounted = False
    MapPositionLua = System.String[]
    GetMoneyCopper = 586
    Gender = Female
    GetHonorPoint = 0
    PlayerUsingVehicle = False


    I also forced it to do a ReloadUI() but this still seems to return the same.


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    Q0: Something is off, I don't understand this behavior? I think your plugin is causing it?
    A: While that is possible, please check your log. Anything NOT prefixed by "[HumanMasterPlugin]" is default wRobot behavior.
    It is generally recommended that you familiarize yourself with how wRobot works and try to understand how this plugin adds functionality on top.
    This will make your experience more pleasant but also help you understand where I can't change anything and save us both some time.

    Q1: I have problems with looting?
    A: Please increment your latency in wRobot general settings. I recommend 350-500 at the very least.

    Q2: Can I change food/drink that the bot buys?
    A: No, it's choosen for you and it chooses between Bread/Meat/Fungus/Cheese (whichever is closest).
    To prevent buying really expensive food or water, it will also only buy new food/water after overleveling it by 5 levels (at lower levels).

    Q3: The bot says it's going to Town for Food/Drink/Ammunition but doesn't actually go?
    A: wRobot takes a while to trigger its ToTown state sometimes. Give it a while. 
    If it NEVER starts going, try enabling "Automatically choose vendor" in the plugin settings. 

    Q4: It's not equipping items?
    A: It only equips items based on stats and DPS. Which means white armor is ignored.
    wRobot loves to reload the UI if you run with a bunch of addons, this can break auto equipping.
    Please disable all addons. We're botting, not playing the game.

    Q5: It says I'm out of ammo even though my bags have ammo?
    A: You probably leveled up and it now checks for higher level ammo. Don't worry, it will buy high level ammo and delete the low-level kind.

    Q6: It's vendoring all items (even greens) wtf?
    A: I don't change any of this. Make sure that your questing profile doesn't overwrite wRobot's settings.
    You can disable the first step in the Quester product settings (enabling/disabling steps).

    Q7: The bot is choosing a wrong vendor (e.g. Horde vendor as Alliance)
    A: This could be caused by your profile having faulty vendors. Enable automatically choosing vendors in the plugin settings.
    If the above setting is enabled, message me the NPC name and I will blacklist it.

    Q8: I get Lua errors ingame sometimes, how can I get rid of them?
    A: You can't, without an addon like ImprovedErrorFrame. There are some occasional bugs in the wRobot API causing Lua errors.
    Those don't affect the game in any bad way and you can just ignore them, as you aren't playing your character anyway.

    Q9: I don't want the bot to go to trainer at all
    A: Disable it in the general wRobot settings. The plugin just cancels going to trainer on a few levels (so it only goes every 4-6 on higher levels).
    It also automatically chooses the closest trainer. But sometimes that one might take you through high level zones and you'd want to avoid that by turning it off completely.

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    On 11/6/2018 at 1:16 AM, Matenia said:

    Note that it says the wRobot API - for this particular one it is just a bug in the vanilla client. It has no effect on the game.

    Ok I'll give ImprovedErrorFrame a shot per your suggestion. Thanks.

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