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  1. I havent had any issues with the relogger simply using Netherwing
  2. Yes sir. Everything else with the combat profile works except for pet management
  3. Yep I just did a fresh install of wrobot and having exact same issue. I mentioned the other day. Issue 1: Will attempt to feed pet, you can see the icon going on off on off on off when it gets to content but will not actually select the food. Issue 2: If pet dies hunter will try and revive him in combat, the hunter will attempt until it gets to around 35% then run using the human paid plugin, often times it will die anyways. Upon reviving the hunter wont realize pet is dead and will just spam call pet for remainder of session. Edit: Yes I have changed the pet food name from the default clefthoof
  4. How can I get the bot to attack neutral mobs? Currently using the 1-70 grinding profile and beast master hunter FC but it only seems to target red mobs. Sorry for noob question new to this bot..
  5. Hello, Recently purchased your TBC fightclass and am having an issue with pet management. Will not revive,call,feed. Edit: Netherwing Realm, Level 10/12/13
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