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  1. Thanks for the reply 🙂 -yeah in combat it was only using [Sinister Strike], like it would just sinister strike over & over, pass 5 CP & never use [Eviscerate] (even when the "combo point" condition was applied to use the spell @ 5 CP), & I tried using it in a few combinations (tried applying it to sinister strike then tried it on eviscerate) made no difference. I figure I'm just doing something wrong, but it sure seems like the condition is not working. -just wondered if anyone else had similar trouble or can confirm. I'll have to look for that "is rooted" condition. & yeah I have never dabbled with C# or programming in general, can say its interesting but looks like allot.
  2. I guess I could try to get around this is by applying the condition "Buff" to detect the (de)buff roots/slow etc.
  3. still no replies.....another question on the topic of Spell Conditions, I don't see a condition to apply to spells for if/when my Character is -incapacitated/slowed or rooted -I see the condition: "Me is stunned" & I see one "Pacified" <---I'm testing these to see if they will trigger my spell for incapacitated/slowed or rooted -for example: NPC Roots (etc.) my character -I want to add a condition to shapeshift out of the roots/hamstring/rogue gouge/frost nova
  4. I have been creating my own fight class for a rogue, & then testing it in game to work out any kinks/errors -I'm having trouble applying some of the Spell Conditions successfully, for example: Trying to prevent the bot from Spamming [Sinister Strike], I tried adding the Condition: Combo Point to the spell [Eviscerate] to Equal & 5, I have also tried to use other conditions to prevent this, such as adding a Timer to [Sinister Strike] & lowering the Priority -Is the Combo Point condition working? or perhaps I'm missing something - any help is appreciated
  5. where is discord info? thanks for the info, that's too bad, kiss my money goodbye I guess
  6. Ok, yeah, I understand -I don't want you to feel like I was complaining or anything, mostly I'm just new to the whole thing and I'm piecing together my understanding of it all - for a minute I thought that you were implying: there was some sort of increased Ban risk or something having your Bot's sound on (so I couldn't help but ask about it) -Thanks for the info on Cvar -Seems I was reading about that in your Readme notes as well. I apricate your help!
  7. why not? just for the sake of sanity? or perhaps reasons beyond the constant noise of the pick up drop spell check?
  8. I'm using your vanilla beast master fight class profile seems to be great, except (just out of curiosity), what is the sound that I hear constantly? is that like the macro? its my only complaint so far.
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