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  1. yeah having this same problem have not be able to fix it
  2. doing quests with bambos quester 1 to 60 and every time it requires me to say look a crystal it has to channel loot the item , or persay skinning half way thru the channeling it runs off and never finishes ,. how do i fix this
    got the profile to load but it will not pickup where my char is arleady leveled to so i need helping fixing this please. i am level 22 and in the barrens but it runs all the way to the start zones after i had it running for an hour sorry bambo have been having a a very bad day i should have not done that, i will fix my review. i paid the money cause i read every review and knew the support was there and it was a very well made profile and alot of work went into, i should have msged you first before posting a crap review . i am sorry. i ended up deleting over 1000 steps in the profile setting down to the quests i have in my quest log. only way i could think of , no motivation right now to edit code. are you able to help me please. i am sorry for my previous response
    start bot tries to pick up quests that are already done and i have no clue what the Quest IDS are of the done quets.
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