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  1. It's the same both from a Virtualmachine and without, also tried to stealth up the virtualmachine not looking like a vm 😕
  2. I think that wRobot isnt any good on Warmane for now, people seems not to care, i feel bad buying this subscribtion 😕
  3. I used a quest profile this morning and guy banned at level 6 this time.. 😕
  4. Im quite sure, using a new email and account everytime on a new VPN location for each account i've tried
  5. Hey, i've been trying to bot with a paid grinding profile, HMP plugin and been watching the bot while playing on my main but i keep getting banned out of no where like something has been detected - Am i doing something i should to get banned all the time?
  6. Edit: I couldnt resist all those features of your plugin so i decided to purchase it and i will never forget that purchas, its great!
  7. Ah well okay then... I just dont wanna spend another 20 on a plugin ? But thanks
  8. Hey. I have been using Wrobot for 40 levels now and it always seems to fail to buy drinks and food when going to town, i've tried to add the plugin buttler but with no luck at all - Whenever it hits a vendor with new foods it wont buy anything.. Selling and repairing works just fine.. I have 60 Food, 100 Water in my Wrobot settings and checked the "Use drinks" - Also added current food to lootfilter not to be deleted Any ideas? No errors in log
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