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  1. even with no Plugins its Spiraling: 6 Aug 2020 16H57.log.html
  2. Hey, long time ago, but today i had again this issue. at this char I use Druid_Feral_Leveling_ScripterQQ.xml and at another chars I used AiO. But here is my log. could be log, but at the and it happend. EDIT: I also added another one, where it happens instantly 31_Jul_2020_08H59.log.html 31 Jul 2020 13H55.log.html
  3. i noticed the same issue a several times since around a week. only by pushing spacebar or x the char went down.
  4. Maybe the server is down? I also haven issue to start WRobot since update for 3.3.5 This message shows very shortly when I try to start WRobot exe
  5. Can anyone help me with this? I have activated smelting in advanced general settings. Bot is going to town for vendoring or selling but it does not smelt. I'm using Human Master Plugin and AIO Fightclass. NPC where it sells is also a NPC for smelting. I set this at npc DB. But when I smelt manually, it works at the point where the bot also sells. So I'm out of ideas. Pls help...
  6. fauler


    Same here. Any Suggestions? I think i tried everthing i found in the Forum
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