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  1. Thanks mate :) Worked out.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Created this file as I perceive it as a good spot farming money/greens w/o having too much stuff into bags. Vendor/repair linked for alliance fraction in Southshore. Testing and realized it´s quite a calm spot, rarely pulling 2 mobs, so it´s quite easy to farm. Mining can also be used as there´re some mining spots within these area.
  3. Just tried with my 28 Shaman in duskwood.. sometimes pulling 3 worgens at the same time in houses. Bit more finetuning for larger space areas to avoid pulling multiple mobs. Bot except that, looks quite good 🙂
  4. Just purchased a 1 year key, received the payment confirmation (payed via PayPal) but do not find the license key to enter into the bot. Any ideas where to find it? Tried to search here but nothing sufficient to be found. Thanks
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