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  • Add condition bug and solution

    • Product: WRobot General Type: Bug Status: Unconfirmed

    Sry my english.I found a bug while debugging the Druid's Lacerate skill. In the "Add condition" section, the "Buff Time Left Target" option is not working properly. The "Bigger/Smaller" comparisons are ineffective, making it impossible to correctly assess the remaining time of the debuff on the target. I am using WR2.8.0, and the game version is 3.3.5. Currently, my workaround is to write my own Lua script to check the stack count and remaining time, as follows: 


    -- 函数:检查目标的 Debuff 并获取其剩余时间和层数
    local function CheckDebuff(target, debuffId)
        for i = 1, 40 do
            local name, _, count, _, _, duration, expirationTime, _, _, _, spellId = UnitDebuff(target, i)
            if spellId == debuffId then
                local remainingTime = expirationTime - GetTime()
                return remainingTime, count
        return nil, nil
    -- 常量:Lacerate 的 Debuff ID
    local LACERATE_DEBUFF_ID = 48568
    -- 检查目标的 Lacerate Debuff 剩余时间和层数
    local remainingTime, stackCount = CheckDebuff("target", LACERATE_DEBUFF_ID)
    -- 如果剩余时间小于 10 秒或层数小于 3 层,则释放 Lacerate
    if (remainingTime and remainingTime < 10) or (stackCount and stackCount < 3) then
        -- 使用 CastSpellByName 函数释放 Lacerate
        -- 注意:这种自动施法的行为可能违反游戏规则


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