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  • Alterac Valley 24/7 wall stuck after update

    • Version: All Product: Battlegrounder Type: Bug Status: Duplicate

    After recent updates the bot cant run alterac valley without getting stuck at every step basically. I had more than 100 stuck/hour based on log, everytime i tab into the game the character is jumping towards mountains, looping movements without an end. Now I was stack before a mountain and there was a guy staring at me, probably recording video to report, I had to stop the bot and fake random jumps everywhere, then he wrote on chat "what the hell are u doing" and i replied witha  random answer like that I was busy, just to prevent him reporing me as bot.


    Please update this, its already frustrating IoC and SotA not working, if i need to disable even alterac valley too I don't see the point in using this bot honestly, its getting worse and worse every time, I just paid for it and im not satisfied.

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    Seems working, still I need to wait a bit more before saying that worked 100%.

    By the way, what's the correlation with that folder and the game stucking? :O


    EDIT: After 6 hours of bot i got only 24 stucks (4/hour), which is pretty awesome. Also the robot never /reloaded since i was able too see my old chat conversations, no one whispered me. Good. I'm wondering what that folder means: P

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