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  • BUG - Bot Stops Moving to cast.

    Bear T.O.E.
    • Version: All Product: Automaton Type: Bug Status: Not a Bug

    when in BG's or In Dungeons or World the bot stops moving to cast when toon is Melee. The Bot should not Stop moving unless the spell is channeled and will not keep channeling if moving, or if the spell isnt castable while moving. the Bot should not stop moving to cast instant spell or moves.

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    On 22.6.2017 at 1:33 PM, Droidz said:

    Hello, in your fightclass you can change spell setting "Can move during cast"

    Don't help. 

    If the bot cast and the mob walks a little bit away, the toon try to cast again with every step and after 3 trys the bot cancel the target and go to next. 

    I cant use this bot with caster classes . Two accounts got banned from me this looks really botish. 

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