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  • Can Condition with ObjectManager.Me.Position.DistanceTo is not working

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    Tested with 1.12 (vanilla)

    I'm trying to use Follow Path with Can Condition like this:

    return (ObjectManager.Me.Position.DistanceTo2D(new Vector3(-5427.982, 300.8165, 398.1436)) < 20);

    And it's always return true, Bot always do this step.

    Even if he is 100 or 200 meters away from that Vector3, he do that step anyway.

    The idea is to skip follow path steps if Bot is to far away from them (have done it already during previous session). But bot do it again with that kind of condition.

    More then that. He do it with backward condition like that as well:

    return (ObjectManager.Me.Position.DistanceTo2D(new Vector3(-5427.982, 300.8165, 398.1436)) > 20);

    And same for: ObjectManager.Me.Position.DistanceTo(new Vector3(1, 2, 3))
    Same for: return (new Vector3(1, 2, 3).DistanceTo(ObjectManager.Me.Position) < 20);

    So it looks like the distance check with that methods is not working at all.

    I have tried to check distance to different objects, seems it works fine. So maybe problem is just with player / new vector position.

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    Aha, that's explain alot. Thank you!
    Can you please explain alittle how should i use "if" step in quest order correctly, if i need to do "fork" construction (conditional operator), that will skip some steps. Something like this:
    [0] Do something
    [1] Do something
    [2] if (ObjectManager.Me.Position.DistanceTo2D(new Vector3(1, 2, 3)) < 20) then Go-to-step 30
    [3] Do something
    [4] Do something

    Maybe there is an example somewhere. Sorry for the stupid question.

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