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  • FollowPath Reset is not working

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    Please, sorry in advance for my English, it's not my native language. I'll do my best, but subject is a little hard for me, so it probably will be written like crap. My Apologies

    In two words:
    If Bot have completed the FollowPath step once, and than, in a loop (by using GoToStep) Bot will have to do the same FollowPath step again, he will not do it as FollowPath, but will just run to the last waypoint instead.
    How it's supposed to be:
    Bot should be able to use the same Follow Path over and over with the same waypoints if he was forced to do so by the loop.

    Now more detailed:

    Why is it happens (in my opinion).
    Lets say we got FollowPass of 3 waypoints, how is it working for the first time.
    - Move to Waypoint1
    - If we are at Waypoint1, add this spot to the list of completed spots.
    - Move to Waypoint2
    - If we are at Waypoint2, add this spot to the list of completed spots.
    - Move to Waypoint3
    - If we are at Waypoint3, add this spot to the list of completed spots.
    - Move to the next step.

    What is happening at the second time, when we have to do the same FollowPath.
    - Waypoint1 is already complete, skip it.
    - Waypoint2 is already complete, skip it.
    - Move to Waypoint3 (because FollowPath requeares to visit last spot to complete)
    - Move to the next step.

    So bot just runs straight to the last Waypoint every time except the first one becuse all Waypoints was completed and added to "complete list" already.

    When this is not happening.
    When you turn "Is a Loop" option on. Then bot will FollowPath as he should more then 1 time, but at the end he will run to the first Waypoint (obviously). FollowPath with a Loop option do save copleted waypoints as well. You can easily see that. If bot is attacked by the mob during the run, after the combat he is not running to the Waypoint1, but continue to follow his FollowPath from the last Waypoint. So he knows what Waypoints he have completed already.
    The main difference is, that when the Loop option is true, all "completed sports" are cleared at the last spot of the FollowPath.
    Like this:
    - Move to Spot1
    - If we are at Spot1, add this spot to the list of completed spots.
    - Move to Spot2
    - If we are at Spot2, add this spot to the list of completed spots.
    - Move to Spot3
    - If we are at Spot3, add this spot to the list of completed spots.
    - Clear all completed spots
    - Move to Spot1

    (I'm not saing that it's works exactly like this, but thats how it seems for me, as a user)

    The question is, why completed Waypoints are not cleard when using not looped FollowPath?

    There is a Reset option, that can be added as a step, that should clear "all completed waypoints" list, right? But it seems that it's not working. And it's not working for like 6 mounth already or even more. According to this: https://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/3266-bot-skips-waypoints/

    Personally i have bought this bot mostly because of the feature that requares FollowPath to work as it should. Can you fix this please? It's really-really needed :(

    As a thanks, I'll buy one more lifetime key, that i will not use, if it will work :)


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    Tested with 1.12 (vanilla)
    About profile, sure i can share, but it's 50+ minutes per one circle for level 60. Gues it will be to time consuming for you, just to wait 50 minutes to check how it works. I can try to cut of the piece of it and additionally give you a level 60 character on private server to test it as well.

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    Took me whole day to reproduce it on low level path. So, how is it works:

    Here is a most simple profile attached. There is only one hostile mob on the way. If he is dead, you may run any number of circles with no problem. But if he is alive and he has attacked the bot, thats it. Since that moment all waypoints from the beggining of FollowPath till the Waypoint where he was attacked will be ignored. (Bot will start to hit the cart with his face on the run).

    If you stop the bot and start it again, everything will be back to normal untill next fight during the FloowPath.

    So the real problem is "Completed Waypoints are not cleared by Reset function if Bot was attacked". I guess they saved somewhere else, and that list is not cleared with the Reset.

    But it is cleared with a Loop option, if you turn it on. (You may try it, it will work with that profile) So we need all functionality copipasted from the Loop except "Go back to the first waypoint" at the end.

    Sounds pretty simple. Do hope that it is really so simple indead.

    Dun Morogh Reset Sample.xml

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    And yes, the difference that Reset do, if you place a Reset, all waypoints after the mob fight will still be awailable. If you do not place the reset, then whole FollowPath step will do nothing.

    But if there was no fight during the run, all will work perfectly even without Reset.

    Btw, to turn on an option like "Is a loop" much easier then add 60-80 reset steps in to your profile. Maybe it wil be possible to make it as an FollowPath option near the Loop option. "Will be used more then once" something like that.

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