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  • LUA spells have to wait on CD

    • Version: All Product: WRobot General Type: Bug Status: Not a Bug

    [F] 02:02:13 - [Spell] Cast Sap
    [F] 02:02:14 - [Spell] Cast Pick Pocket
    [F] 02:02:14 - [FightClass] Launch LUA script: --Aggressive

    "Wait during Casting" is enabled on all spells

    Maybe a suggestion, maybe a bug. But in this case I need a wait for the CD of the previous spell (in this case Pick Pocket). All 3 spells are "Once a target" so the will not be executed twice.

    The cast  (via CastSpellByName(ssname,"target") ) in --Aggressive will be done, but because its on CD, nothing happend in game. A check, if the cast is useable will not be help, because the spell is only executed once (and a 1 sec. loop is not the best idea in lua)


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