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  • LuaEventsWithArgs not correctly parsing empty strings

    • Version: All Product: WRobot General Type: Bug Status: Fixed

    Here are 2 events, both showing arg[0] to args[8]. 

    You can see, that destFlags are missing on the first event (because it's an empty string, when you check pure Lua event), and therefore you get one more event (spellSchool as arg[8]).
    While it's possible to work around this, it messes with consistency. Would be great if it could be fixed.

    timestamp		event 				sourceGUID 			sourceName 		sourceFlags 		destGUID 			destName 				destFlags	spellID		spellName		spellSchool
    1500657459.841 	SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS 	0x00000000000066FE 	Secrets 		1304 				0x0000000000000000 	-2147483648 	 					32223 		Crusader Aura  	2
    1500657477.524 	SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS 	0x00000000000168CD 	Chrys 			1304 				0x00000000000168CD 	Chrys 					1304 		6346 		Fear Ward


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