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  • Machine learning combat

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    I was thinking about how to ease my combat routine and I had an idea.
    An intelligent combat routine could be created.
    How would it be:

    The WRobot harvests information at all times of the fights performed by the character, the more time the user leaves harvesting information, the better the optimization of intelligent combat routine, maximizing DPS and CC.

    This information could be made available automatically to the WRobot website.

    The user can disable data collection at any time.

    One important thing: optimization would take into account the enemy class and class (class).

    This is machine learning.

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    30 minutes ago, Droidz said:

    I haven't capacity to add feature like that.

    I had another idea, how about doing a CROWDFUNDING to create this program.
    You could see with other programmers how much it costs to create the Machine learning combat, would pass to the community the value, and would wait for the donations to arrive. It might work.

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