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  • New characters stuck at vendor

    • Version: All Product: WRobot General Type: Bug Status: Fixed

    This is more a notice rather than a bug report-

    If you suit up a new lvl 1 character in full heirlooms (no white items) and start any grinder / quester profile the bot will go to vendor and wont move away!

    My current theory is that the heirlooms durability isnt getting pulled correctly so the bot continually attempts to repair.

    The fix is to use atleast 1 white item until you can populate other slots with whites / greens (Gloves / bracers / belt / feet) and the bot will work as expected so its nothing major.  just had a few people post to me after using my 1-80 profile only to find at lvl 1 bot bot is stuck! which doesnt look good.

    anyway- not sure if it can be fixed, but a workaround is there.



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