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  • Not Sending *Some* Mail? (WotLK 1.8.3 - 29574)

    • Version: All Product: WRobot General Type: Bug Status: Not a Bug

    From the log:

    23:41:25 - [ToTown] MailBox found
    23:41:28 - [ToTown] Mail sending at D...

    It appears that a set of 12 mails was sent, but after the first 12, any that should have been sent were not. Some items turned gray in my inventory, but eventually my character moved out of the Mailbox dialog and the items remained in my inventory.

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    I do and I disabled the only mail AddOn I use, Postal, but that did not resolve the issue. I will try disabling all AddOns this evening and seeing if another AddOn could be the issue.

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    I went through all of my AddOns and it looks like I found the problem AddOn. DataStore_Mails, when disabled, no longer gives the bot an issue when sending mail. However, in doing so, unless there is a work-around, this makes the entire Altoholic AddOn non-functional.

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