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    y2krazy reacted to camelot10 in errors when trying to run bot under product settings   
    search "how to post logs"
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    y2krazy reacted to Matenia in Sell items before buy food/drink   
    @Droidz this could be done by just changing priorities in the ToTown state. 
    Make it SELL first, then purchase food/drink. 
    @maukor in general bot settings, just disable "automatically add new NPCs to database". 
    If your bot only uses NPCs from profile AND doesn't add any new NPCs, you're good to go. But you will also have to add your own mailboxes and such.
    If NpcDB.AcceptOnlyProfileNpc = true; doesn't work, it's a bug imo. This could be only for vanilla, I haven't really had problems in TBC.
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    y2krazy reacted to Droidz in How to sell your profiles/fightclasses   
    WRobot subscription active. Buy "Premium Seller" status (before buy this subscription, wait than your file is approved) (it is for 3 months, at the end, if you don't renew your subscription you will no longer be allowed to sell your files). You need be active on the forum or/and share for free files with community (I'll refuse your file if you want sell file without free file shared, or if you have 10 paid files and only 1 free file). You must offer elaborate files created by you (I don't accept files if we can found for free similar or that we can create the same in 2 minutes. If it is simple file (like gatherer profile) I accept if it is pack with several files for low price). Paypal account (you can also use site like https://sellfy.com, https://selly.gg/ or https://gumroad.com/). How to:
    Contact me by private message and send me the file (not obfuscated and not encrypted, for dll send me source code). that you want to sell, the description and the price, I will approve (or not) (if you post paid file without my approval or you try to scam WRobot team or users, I'll remove you files, ban you and suspend your WRobot subscription).
    If your file is approved:
    If you haven't active "Premium Seller" status buy this. optional - You can encrypt your file. Submit a demo version of your file in download section. In "File Name" option put "[PAID]" before the file name. In "About This File", add file description, delivery time,  your method of delivery, the link to buy your file and write than you are not associated with WRobot company: You get result like: 
    You can "Preview" your text with editor button 
    If you use Paypal, you can:
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    y2krazy reacted to Droidz in runmacroLUA not working on vanilla quest   
    function Zorlen_TogglePetSpellAutocast(SpellName, mode) local m = nil if not (UnitHealth("pet") > 0) then Zorlen_debug("Your pet is not active or alive to use pet ability: "..SpellName) return false end for i=1, NUM_PET_ACTION_SLOTS, 1 do local slotspellname, slotspellsubtext, texture, isToken, isActive, autoCastAllowed, autoCastEnabled = GetPetActionInfo(i) if (slotspellname and slotspellname == SpellName) then if (mode == "on") then if not autoCastEnabled then TogglePetAutocast(i) return true end elseif (mode == "off") then if autoCastEnabled then TogglePetAutocast(i) return true end else TogglePetAutocast(i) return true end end end Zorlen_debug("Unable to locate pet ability: "..SpellName) return false end (ref: http://addons.us.to/addon/zorlen-0 file "Zorlen_Pets.lua")
    Zorlen_TogglePetSpellAutocast("Firebolt", "on")  
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    y2krazy reacted to camelot10 in IsCompleteCondition for Bag.GetContainerNumFreeSlots   
    return wManager.Wow.Helpers.Bag.GetContainerNumFreeSlots < 4;
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    y2krazy reacted to camelot10 in avoid falling damage   
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    y2krazy reacted to Droidz in avoid falling damage   
    You can use C# with the condition name "C Sharp Code"