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  1. What characters are not allowed for your password if you use the relogger? I typically use special characters in my passwords, but the relogger was not going past the login screen. After changing my password to only letters and numbers, it logged in just fine. If some special characters are allowed, could we please be informed of which those are? Thanks!
  2. Confirmed that this is still an issue. Any chance of including the key ring in Vanilla for ItemsManager.GetItemCountByIdLUA?
  3. This would be a HUGE QoL change. It should reduce the amount of conditionals in Quester profiles for those who try to account for a user starting in the wrong zone. Solid suggestion! +1
  4. Unfortunately no good news, @BetterSister. Despite swapping to UseScriptOn and adding the script provided by @Droidz above, the character is running to the objects, presumably running the script (and waiting 5000 ms), then moving to the next object. It does not even attempt to interact with the quest objects. Tested on multiple quests in multiple zones on multiple characters, all with the same result. Schaka suggested on Discord to clear my session blacklist to see if that helped, but that did not. I'm honestly at a loss as to why this is happening.
  5. What does interact distance have to do with this issue? It never has an issue getting within interact range of the object, it just interrupts the cast for gathering the item and never completes the cast.
  6. When using a Gatherer quest type on a 1.12.1 server, object interaction is being interrupted when "Farm successful" is output in the log and the character is moving on to the next object before gathering is complete. This is happening indefinitely and almost zero Gatherer quest types are able to be completed because of it. In this example, only 1 Webwood Egg is needed to be gathered to complete the Pulse step: 21:17:05 - [Farming] Farm Webwood Eggs > 10933.3 ; 922.297 ; 1340.05 ; "None" 21:17:11 - [Farming] Farm successful 21:17:13 - [Farming] Farm Webwood Eggs > 10931.6 ; 926.534 ; 1340.53 ; "None" 21:17:14 - [Farming] Farm successful 21:17:16 - [Farming] Farm Webwood Eggs > 10933.3 ; 929.184 ; 1340.81 ; "None" 21:17:17 - [Farming] Farm successful 21:17:17 - [Farming] Farm Webwood Eggs > 10929.4 ; 923.083 ; 1339.99 ; "None" 21:17:19 - [Farming] Farm successful 21:17:20 - [Farming] Farm Webwood Eggs > 10932.1 ; 917.925 ; 1339.32 ; "None" 21:17:21 - [Farming] Farm successful 21:17:21 - [Farming] Farm Webwood Eggs > 10932.4 ; 911.63 ; 1337.94 ; "None" 21:17:24 - [Farming] Farm successful Thoughts?
  7. Correct code (derp): <QuestsSorted Action="If" NameClass="!Quest.GetQuestCompleted(XXXX)" /> <QuestsSorted Action="PickUp" NameClass="PickUpQuestHere" /> <QuestsSorted Action="EndIf" NameClass="" />
  8. Trying to use the following code, but even though a quest is in my log, it's showing up as completed for some reason... <QuestsSorted Action="If" NameClass="!Quest.GetQuestCompleted(XXXX)" /> <QuestsSorted Action="WriteLog" NameClass="Pick Up Quest Here..." /> <QuestsSorted Action="EndIf" NameClass="" /> Thoughts on why this would be returning False when I am standing in front of the quest giver who gives me the quest and it is available for pick up? PS: This is for Vanilla (1.12.1).
  9. Are you using the 7.1.5 (23360) version found here, @Andi981? I believe you need to ensure you do not accept any future updates when using old versions of the bot as well.
  10. If you are going for the Cataclysm version of WRobot, it looks like you'll need to work on profiles yourself, or find one for another expansion that you could utilize/modify. https://wrobot.eu/files/category/105-wrobot-for-wow-cataclysm/
  11. If you're unable to locate the thread @camelot10 is referring to: https://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/1779-how-to-post-your-log-file-with-your-topic/
  12. A little late of a response regarding this, but there was this posting:
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