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  • Add mapId (ContinentId) to Vector3

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    Hey @Droidz,


    would it be possible for you to add ContinentId as a parameter to Vector3? This is important, because I want to implement cross-continent pathing.
    I already have non-cross continent pathing with transports working now. However, without continent id, I cannot implement this. 

    Default (if null) can always be current continent. But if profiles can add a continent id in XML (or C#), I can intercept MovementEvents and implement my own pathing until I resume normal path.

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    This would be a HUGE QoL change. It should reduce the amount of conditionals in Quester profiles for those who try to account for a user starting in the wrong zone.

    Solid suggestion! +1

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    Add continentid to all vector3 I think that's too much. But why not add Action (like travel: Azeroth), c# or profile option to select profile continent. If you have any ideas / suggestions to add this features

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    Would it be a problem if the default was always the current continent id?
    Then for every vector, I can individually decide if I need to change the continent or not. 

    Ideally, I would like to switch the continent within 1 profile. For example, I am in Wetlands. The next quest is in Ashenvale. 
    I just check movement events => if List<Vector3> .Last().ContinentId != Usefuls.ContinentId => () do continent switch.

    You don't have to change the current Vector3 constructor, it will be a non-breaking change. I think it's easiest if vector have the continent id. But if you think something else is better, then setting a continent id for each quester profile would be fine, as long as I can easily check CurrentProfile.ContinentId (or similar).

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