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  • Pathfinder wrong path

    • Product: WRobot General Type: Bug Status: Unconfirmed

    Pathfinder seems to think there is a path here.

    [N] 07:04:47 - [Path-Finding] Path Count: 53 (4214,631y, 679ms) (resultPartial=True, resultSuccess=True (more info with server log option))


    I added offmeshes to go through the portal in darnassus (even with useifcanmakepath) and they are ignored unless I am already close to that route.
    Even with blacklisting this area:

    Can I somehow remove any vectors from that path and make it unusable for wrobot? It simply DOES NOT exist.

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    Wrobot can use only one offmeshconnection per path, if path need several offmeshconnections you need to combine them. For your problem, you need to create one offmeshconnection "Rut'Theran to Auberdine", one to "Darnassus Portal Down to Rut'Theran" and one "Darnassus Portal Down to Auberdine" ("A to B", "B to C" and "A to C")).

    (if I understood the problem correctly.)

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    In my case, I have 6 offmeshes.
    Darnassus Portal Down
    Darnassus Portal Down and Auberdine
    Ruth'eran to Auberdine

    So depending on where the bot is, it should always find the correct connection, I think. 
    I will try incrementing search distance.

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