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  • Pathfinding and meshes: krokuun and general issue

    • Version: All Product: WRobot General Type: Bug Status: Fixed

    im kinda give up.

    can't do anything with meshes and pathfinding in general, and in this case its a krokuun and antoran wastes.


    pathfinder find path to Krokuun hovel from 48, 76 or new Vector3(764.7844, 1967.581, 471.2205, "None") thru air and rocks. dunno what meshes on server.

    also there tons of stairs and rocks what breaks overall meshes small area like this (red rays where pathfinder dont find paths)


    addin offmesh connections wont help at all, if you path pass thru 1+ mesh holes/breaches pathfinder dont use it at all. making long offmesh connections thru 1+ holes/breaches lead to enormous amount of offmesh connects in all possible ways and still wont guaranted result.

    we need to do something with pathfinding.

    we need quick meshes managment, maybe some visual tool + open source repo.

    or pathfinder logic must be reworked/optimized

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    just updated wrobot. tested


    result: fail

    from area near this coords to krokuun hovel teleporter

    Map name MPQ: Argus 1
    My Position: 828.2854, 2191.334, 391.3793, "None"
    My Position Vector: new Vector3(828.2854, 2191.334, 391.3793, "None")
    My Position XML: <Vector3 X="828.2854" Y="2191.334" Z="391.3793" Type="None" />
    My Rotation: 0,4481345


    tryed same when blacklisted areas near rocks - path was found correctly

    14 окт 2017 02H39.log.html

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