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  • Regen ON Command per fightclass

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    Hi, I need a possibility to say the char. "Stay here until ....(Health=100% or Buff=xxxx)

    My Fire Mage class can manage food (and this work good in wrotation). but with archeaology it sits (will eat, health<50% ), stand (will fight/grind/archealogy), sit (will eat health<50% ) ....and so on...

    Only fight was a reason to break the regen/eat phase.

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    Hello, I'll not add this command. But you can try to force regen with: 

                    wManager.wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.FoodPercent = 95;
                    wManager.wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.DrinkPercent = 95;

    (don't forget to restore default settings)

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