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  • Relogger is not using additional wrobot args.

    • Version: All Product: Relogger Type: Bug Status: Not a Bug

    @Droidz I pmed you this issue, but you didnt reply, could you plz check it out, its importatnt for me.

    I use remote desktop to connect to my botting pc.

    1. If i start Wrobot using Wrobot.exe, it will run ok, but it will crash if i connect to my botting pc using remote desktop.

    2. If i start Wrobot using WRobot.exe -nodx -nolockframe, it will run ok, and it wont crash when i connect to my botting pc using remote desktop. So it is all ok this way.

    But there is an issue if i use relogger.

    In relogger i cant use wrobot.exe, i have to use this other exe file, i do put -nodx -nolockframe, in general settings, additional Wrobot args, like that:


    It will run ok, but it will crash when i connect to this pc using remote desktop. It is like relogger doesn't use additional wrobot args that i putted in.

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    Wow stops responding the moment i connect to pc using rdp, if i use  WRobot.exe -nodx -nolockframe without using relogger it works fine when i connect using rdp, so dnno why using relogger changes it.

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